Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Laurie!

A little birdie told me that today is Laurie's birthday! She is a sweet friend, that is so crafty and also happens to be a Scout mom! :o) I hope you have a Very Happy Birthday, Laurie! Go visit her HERE and send her some birthday wishes! :o)

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Laurie said...

OH! You're so sweet! See what I have missed out on by being overwhelmed by blogs to read in my Reader! Today I THINK I have solved the problem: I've created a folder called "Best Friends" and you are in it -- and these are the blogs I'll read FIRST because they're at the top of my reader list! I hope I'll be a much better blog friend that way, like I used to be when I could keep up! ;) Thank you for the birthday wishes! It's a wonderful surprise even if it is a few weeks later!