Sunday, August 28, 2011

Preschool, 7 years and Jingle Bells... :o)

Wow, what a title, huh?! :o) Friday was Jimmy's first day of Preschool! My little boy didn't even cry! (I did, just a little...!) 

When I picked him up, he said they had a great time! I asked what they did: Did you color? "No", Did you play with blocks? "No", Did the teacher read to you? "No". So what DID you do?! "I have no idea", he says! I guess he just knows he had fun! :o) 

Seven years ago, Jim and I did this! :o) Happy Anniversary to my best friend! I love you more!
Jim made this cabinet for our CDs and DVDs and for our anniversary, he ordered this vintage doily for me... (Ok, I placed the order and told him about it afterwards! Works for him! HA!)
And I finished "J" for Jingle Bells earlier this week, for my "Snowmen A to Zzzz..." quilt... :o)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

not much sewing, but some pics! :o)

Saturday night was the Father/Daughter Royal Purity Ball. This was the 5th annual Ball, and Jim and the girls have went every year. (I'll have to remember to post some of the older pics sometime, I can't believe how grown up the girls are becoming!) That's Anna in the purple and Elizabeth in the teal. Beautiful, even if I do say so myself! :o)  
And then yesterday was the first day of 8th Grade! And Jimmy starts Preschool on Friday - I'm not sure if I'm ready to talk about that yet! :o( He's excited tho, so that's good... :o) 
I did make myself a new "sunny" new ironing board cover! :o) In general, I followed this Moda Bake Shop tutorial. One note on that tutorial, if you have a wider ironing board like I do, make sure to add extra ribbon! I threaded three yards of ribbon thru that casing, and GGGRRR! It was about 3" too short to go all the way around, and I certainly couldn't tie it! So back to the store for four yards of ribbon, that worked just fine... :o) The fabric is from the "Fresh Palette" line by Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's Quilt Co! :o) LOVE it! :o)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hole In The Barn Door quilt

I finished up the "Hole In the Barn Door" quilt for my customer! I so love the colors in this kit! I'm tempted to make one for myself! :o) The scraps are going off to Beatrice, who is making her own scrappy version of this quilt... :o)  
And I finished the "P" for "Plum Pudding", for my "Snowmen A to Zzzz" quilt... Now I'm working on "J" for "Jingle Bells"... :o)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

sewing up a storm...

Between school registration, school clothes and supply shopping, etc., I have been sewing! :o) I have all the blocks completed to put together a "Hole In The Barn Door" quilt kit for a customer! Love the fabrics in this kit, so patriotic! :o) Just finished trimming all the blocks this morning, so I'm going to start sewing rows together this afternoon, I hope! 
And I also completed my first letter in the Crabapple Hill "Snowmen A to Zzzz...." set! I for Icicles! One down, 25 more letters to go. :o) It's been awhile since I completed my "Winter Wonderland" quilt, and I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed hand embroidery! :o)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

another Rick Rack quilt

After my Mom saw the Rick Rack quilt (Schnibbles pattern from Miss Rosie's Quilt Company) that I put up for sale in my Etsy shop, she wanted one too! :o) She wanted it in "Dandelion Girl" fabrics. This used every last bit of the fabrics I had left... :o) This is one of my very favorite fabric lines... :o)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Row Swap and braces... :o)

I was lucky enough to participate (and hostess!) a Row Swap thru the Friendship Group that I'm part of! These are the BEAUTIFUL rows that I received back! The Log Cabin row in the center was the starter row that I made, and then 6 lovely ladies made 6 lovely rows for me! I can't wait to put this quilt together, although it'll have to wait a few weeks... Lots to do with school starting, etc...

If you're not a big fan of "teeth" than you might want to skip the next couple pics... David got braces! I'll tell you what, as a triplet, he REALLY got the short end of the stick when it comes to teeth! So he is one of those that is HAPPY to get braces! No having to fight him on that! Here are a couple before shots.

His favorite color is green, so here he is today, with his braces on, with green elastics! He still has more brackets to be added on the top, as time goes, and he will get them on the bottom too, in a few months... (Excuse the poison ivy on my Boy Scout! HA!)

And since I had the camera out, here are the triplets.... :o) I can't believe that they are 13 and starting 8th grade this year! Elizabeth (the basketball star!), David (my "adorkable" boy!) and Anna (the princess!) :o)
Jimmy will be going to preschool in a few weeks and is very excited about it, but wouldn't stop to pose for a pic with his brother and sisters today... :o(