Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Houses and my boys...

Yeah! I received my Happy Houses swap blocks yesterday in the mail! What fun - this was my very first swap! I hope the other gals like my blocks as much as I LOVE theirs! I am not sure how I will put these all together, but they are just great and I am going to enjoy drooling over them for awhile! :o) Thanks to Kathy at Humble Quilter for hosting the swap!

And here are my boys, up early watching cartoons... :o) David doesnt know it yet, but I found out from his teacher that he is getting a Presidential Award next Friday, for excellent grades and ISAT scores... I couldnt be more proud of all of my kids. I dont know how they have turned out so well! :o)

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

2 projects done... :o)

I have gotten a few projects finished up over the last couple of weeks. Finally, I can get on to more fun things... :o)

First off, is this queen size quilt that I hand-quilted for my Mom. I had made the top a few years ago, and she was going to hand-quilt it. But she passed it back to me to do... :o) It has a puffy batting and I just did a minimum amount of hand-quilting on it, that kind of echoes the *Trip Around The World* pattern.

This next project was for a customer thru the local quilt shop. He brought in this quilt that he said his grandmother made, that was a *family heirloom*. The problem was, every single bit of hand-embroidery that she had done, was GONE! Who lets a *family heirloom* get to that point. I am all for using quilts, but take care of them before they completely fall apart! HA! Anyways, I re-did all the hand-embroidery. There are 6 large blocks on it. To me, it is rather drab, but I do like the finished embroidery. :o)

So like I said, now I can start concentrating on some projects that are more fun... :) Here is a little peek at the items I am getting put together for Beatrice for our F-R-I-E-N-D-S swap! I hope she likes what I have come up with for her... :o)

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

wood working - in progress

Dear hubby is working on this thread rack for me. The shelves swivel out, so you can get the threads out easier. I told him that I need one with alot more shelves tho! :o)
Once he gets one finished up, we will offer them for sale on our site. Maybe with options of different number of shelves?

I told him a drawer underneath might be nice too.... Hhhhmmm... :o)
Anyways, just wanted to show it off!
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Monday, May 11, 2009

Gail Pan BOM

I finished up block #5 of the Gail Pan BOMs over the weekend. I love the simplicity of these. I am not adding any border fabrics until I have them all completed.

I took this photo out our back window the other evening. I love cardinals. Excuse the weeds... :o)
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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Verandah Views BOM #5

I completed Block #5 of the Verandah Views BOM. I am really enjoying these!

I did not get much done last week, but finally finished some tote bags that I put up for sale in my Etsy shop. They are really nice - I use one all the time and thought others might enjoy them too... :o)
Went to our local thrift shop today, found some old wood thread spools. (The small size ones.) And a pretty full size sheet that I may use for a quilt backing. If not, it will make good tote bags or maybe pincushions... :o)
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

family pics...

Saturday was the Father/Daughter Royal Purity Ball hosted by our local church. Jim took the girls - Anna is in blue, Elizabeth is in black. The Ball is to help the girls learn that they should stay true to themselves, growing up.

My sister is the chair-person for this Ball. Each year, the girls get little gifts to remember the occasion. This year, I made the fabric baskets, which were filled with chocolates, a perfume sample, etc. I made 100 baskets. (There were 90+ girls this year, up from 70-some, last year!)

And here is David and Jimmy. They are wild-and-crazy boys! :o) Boy, does Jimmy look up to his big brother! :o)
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