Friday, November 9, 2012

tatting and a broken leg...

 Been working on tatting doilies lately... A nice, relaxing hobby, I've discovered! :o) These two doilies are both available in my Etsy shop. :o) They'd make great gifts, this Holiday season!
 Part of the reason I've needed some stress relief, is that Lizzie broke her leg! On the FIRST NIGHT of basketball practice! Tripped up with another girl, going after the ball. (Lizzie always gives 110%!) Broke her tibia, down by the ankle, thru her growth plate and into the joint! The "athletic trainer" at school told her it was just a sprain. Luckily, I didn't go off of her opinion...!
So, a cast for 6 weeks. Has already had xrays twice, to make sure nothing is shifting as it heals. If it shifts, she would need surgery! She is miserable in the cast, the poor dear! She is so independent and really hates to have to ask anyone to do anything for her! I told her, enjoy it while you can! :o)

I also went a few weeks ago and got my "Paraprofessional Certificate" so I can apply for Teacher's Aide jobs. Hopefully something will open up in our school district soon. AND, I'm going to start my first semester of college (online) this coming spring! Ah, nothing to be stressed about at all... Back to my tatting! :o)

Monday, October 8, 2012

knitting bag

My new knitting bag! Notice the knitting needles for the top row! :o)
I used some chunky yarn that I had on hand, just randomly making the stripes. I had seen a pattern that used knitting needles for the top row, so I copied that... :o) This would also make a good purse, since I used chunky yarn, it's really makes it have firm sides...  Now I can carry my knitting projects around in style! :o)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Operation Red Kitchen...


Our kitchen is going to get some re-modeling in the future, but I wanted to show my RED display... :o) This is in the pass-through between the kitchen and our living room. (It's supposed to be the dining room, but we are using it as the living room.) I saw one of these old kitchen scales on Pinterest, and decided "I can do that".... So I searched Etsy and found a reasonable priced old kitchen scale, and painted my own flag on it. I LOVE the way it turned out!

So here's my little red area, so far... An enamelware pot, rolling pin with red handles, nut grinder, small sifter... A wooden star that Lizzie painted for me... My scale, and my "pie"... I made this ceramic piece of pie back in Jr High (I think) Art... I don't like pie, and I guess it's cherry cheesecake, but it goes perfectly with my red display... :o)

Monday, September 17, 2012

in-between-everything-else project :o)

This "Rainbow Stars" quilt was a free pattern from McCall's Quilting, and with my love of star quilts, and that pink background, I was hooked!
I chose a soft Kona pink for the background (similar to quilt pattern) and then these fabrics will be my stars! The solids are Kona cottons, the prints are from the "Barefoot Roses" by Tanya Whelan line! :o) This is my "in-between-everything-else" project... :o)

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Finished up this customer quilt - I used the "Pow Wow" pattern, in just two colors, Kona Wine and Kona Willow, with Kona Sand for the background. I really love working with Kona solids!
My customer is giving this quilt to her future daughter-in-law's parents, as a wedding gift... :o) 
I like the way the hand-quilting turned out! :o) She's picking it up tonight, I hope she does too! :o)  
I wanted a little quick-easy project after that hand-quilting, so I made this little bunting... I've seen them all over the web, and have wanted one for awhile! Goes perfectly on the new quilt rack that Jim made me! :o) This hangs in my sewing room! :o)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

lots and lots going on in August....!

First off, we finally MOVED! Hooray! It's been a *long* road (I won't bore you) but we are finally in our new house! I showed pics of it in the late spring, that shows how long it's taken... Couldn't be happier tho, now that we're here! :o) It's been less than 3 weeks since we moved in, but it really already feels like home! :o)
Oh, Jmmy in this picture -- this picture is right after we signed the papers, and Jimmy wanted to go play in his room immediately, but I told him that I wanted this picture taken "first", so we'll always have this moment... So yeah, he was mad.... At least we'll always have this cute story to tell... :o) 

Here is my old window, that I re-did with the chicken wire -- my new inspiration board. This is hanging right above my sewing machine... I've already added more things to it, since this pic was taken a couple of days ago! :o)  

This is an old dresser that Jim re-finished for me, that I'm using for storage in my sewing room. Laurie made me that wonderful red train case - I have all my trims and ribbons in it. And an old colander for some of my yarn... :o)  

Also this month, David got his braces off! SO handsome, even if I do say so myself! He'll have to wear a retainer for quite awhile, but that's ok with him... :o)
And I've already been sewing in my new sewing room! This is a custom quilt for a friend of my sister's. It is throw size, and will be hand quilted... :o)
And last but not least, school started today! Anna, Elizabeth and David are Freshmen this year! (And even in Drivers Ed! UGH!) and Jimmy starts all-day Kindergarten tomorrow! Oh, where did my babies go!?!
So hopefully, now that we're getting settled in, I'll be back to sewing and crafting, and be able to post more... Thanks for hanging in there with me! :o)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

One old window frame... :o)

A little project that will go in my sewing room at the new house... An old wooden window frame, minus the glass. Put chicken wire behind it and then add a little "frame" to the back to make the chicken wire be away from the wall a little bit. I have an assortment of mini clothespins, and this will be my "tack board" in my sewing room, for ideas, fabric scraps, kids drawings and notes, etc... :o) I love it! :o)

P.S. In this pic, it is sitting upside down, and the original hardware hasn't been put back on it yet... :o)