Monday, January 30, 2012

not perfect, but done!

It's not perfect, but it's done! :o) This quilt is what's been taking up my time for the last couple of months.... LONG story, but basically, it was a precut quilt that my Mom bought and asked me to put together. I actually started with a green colored kit (same pattern) but unfortunately, it was a poorly cut kit, and even after carefuly piecing there was no way those diamonds were going to fit together! So this pink/purple version is actually kit number 2! It went together better, but certainly not perfectly. I ended up making the center star and center ring and then applique-ing it to a large white sheet. Then some hand quilting. It's about 82" square. I like it, pretty much, but boy am I glad it's done! :o)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Even tho they are calling for a couple of inches of snow here in Central Illinois tomorrow (we can't complain, we have only had one dusting of snow so far this winter!), there are Spring butterflies in my sewing room! :o)
I made these cute butterfly ornaments with vintage chenille and vintage quilt pieces, to sell on Etsy. They have a clothespin for the body. I love how they turned out! Hopefully it won't be too cold for them, now that it's supposed to snow! :o)

Monday, January 9, 2012

you shouldn't be surprised...

You shouldn't be surprised that I chose "ROSEBUD" pink to paint a few pieces for my sewing room.... Any die-hard Singer fans (like me, even tho I don't have any old Singers), before you cuss me out for painting a Singer cabinet... I only painted it because it was in really rough shape. It was given to me, missing the machine, and already painted... So, what's a girl to do?! Have the kids paint it Rosebud pink for her! :o)  
We also painted my fabric cabinet to match. It used to be an old stereo (the top opens up for the record player) but it's missing all that stuff, so it's been my sewing cabinet for years... Love, love, love the color! 
And look at these SEW CUTE knobs I found to match! I'm a happy girl... :o)

Friday, January 6, 2012


Happy 2012! Christmas and New Years was great fun around here, always hopping with 4 kids off from school... :o) They went back to school on Wednesday, so yesterday, I got to get back to some sewing! :o) I made these Cross Pillows for my Etsy shop. One vintage chenille one... 
And one from a piece of a vintage quilt. I am really tempted to keep this one for myself!! It has beautiful hand quilting! :o)
This last one I made for my older sister, her birthday is at the end of January... :o)