Thursday, September 9, 2010

getting things done... :o)

I finally feel like I'm getting a few things done! :o) I finished up the memory quilt - it was mailed out to the customer last night... I like the way it turned out, even if it isn't all "match-y" like I usually like. It's more about the thoughts it evokes, than being match-y... :o)

Also, I finally "decided" and am making a change in my Dear Jane journey. I am not good at applique -- certainly admire those that do it well! (Beatrice, included!) But I have decided that I really don't care whether I get good at it or not, it's just not enjoyable to me, at this time. So I am going to start doing the applique DJ blocks, as embroidery instead... :o) These were the first ones that I have done as embroidery, J-11 "Twin Sister". I enjoyed these MUCH better and am looking forward to doing more of them! (Rather than dreading the applique ones!)

And last but not least, Carol quilted my "Emma's Legacy" quilt and I got it back this week and got the binding put on it. I *LOVE* this quilt!

I told Carol I wanted something old-fashioned, maybe vines -- but she always knows the perfect design! These leaves are fantastic! Thank you so much, Carol - you always do such beautiful work!
So, now to just decide what to work on next... :o) Thanks for visiting!


Hazel said...

I'm with you I don't care to do appliqué so I cheat and use seam- a- seam and do a blanket stitch around it .Works for me LOL
I just love that Emma's Legacy quilt and the quilting is wonderful .

Cornfield Quilter said...

The quilt looks so beautiful with the binding on it! I am just so thankful it arrived safe and sound, in spite of the postal service. ;D

Vivian said...

We don't want to stress over our quilting, and you found a solution that works. Good for you, Angela.
Your Emma's Legacy quilt is absolutely beautiful!

Béa said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Emma's Legacy, fabrics & pattern, wonderful, and gorgeous quilting also !
Would you make ALL the applique with embroidery instead ??? or mix with the blocks I made ? I am sorry I can't make ALL the applique blocks :((
Have you tryed the fused version ?

Vesuviusmama said...

Emma's Legacy is wonderful! And I like the idea of embroidering, rather than appliqueing, those blocks. Very clever!

Khris said...

I love the colours in the quilt Angela and the quilting is great too...hugs Khris