Tuesday, December 15, 2009

gifts from Beatrice

I was lucky enough to be paired up with Beatrice in a FRIENDS swap this summer, and we have emailed back and forth ever since. She lives in France, which makes it even more interesting for me, coming from such a small town in the middle of the USA!

Yesterday, I received a lovely package from Beatrice for Christmas! She sent us each a Pennie Pocket that she made! They are just lovely. She told me that the green one for DH, the paisley one is mine, the two red ones are for the girls (they are still discussing who gets which one), green with snowmen for David, and snowmen for Jimmy. They are just lovely!

And yes, those are chocolates you see! There are still a few pieces left! :o)

Thank you so much for the gifts, Beatrice! The Pockets will be cherished Christmas decorations for years to come! Merry Christmas to you, dear friend!

Be sure and go visit Beatrice's blog: A Needle In A Haystack :o)


Laurie said...

How lovely! I just adore the name Beatrice!

Tricia Anne said...

Hi Angela.
How precious! I love how there is one for each member of your family. :o) They are so cute!
We received our Christmas card in the mail today. Thank you so much. It touched my heart deeply. :o)
Good Night.
:o) Trish

Khris said...

How spoilt....lucky you and the family. I just made 4 of those and didnt really like making them...the way they are put together at the back was a real pain....LOL..hugs khris

Sandy in Buenos Aires said...

Ohhh, Angela!!! They are just gorgeous, no wonder your girls are still discussing who gets which!!!
I just couldn't make up my mind !!!
I love them all !!!
Béa did a great job !!!