Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I made this bear for Jim for Christmas - his name is Chopper. He was made from a kit from Vivianne Galli of Hug Me Again.

Chopper is only about 4.25 inches tall! He was so much fun to make! He has German glass eyes, and his head is on a disc, so it can turn. All hand stitched. It is the softest peach Mohair. I did not age mine as much as she does, and I added a little flower to his paw.

You can visit Vivianne at her beautiful blog, Gotta Share This, where she shows more of her amazing creations! I would love to purchase one of the bears she has made -- someday... :o)
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Laurie said...

Oh, how sweet!

kwiltmakr said...

Love the bear, he looks like he is an antique bear. He is just soooo cute!

Molly said...

That little bear is just perfect. You really did a jam up job on that. I have trouble making small things but by the looks of this, your are just whipping them out with no trouble at all. Great job girl.

Shirleymac said...

Chopper is adoreable! Like a teacup Yorkie but you don't have to feed and walk him. Your Christmas looks like it was a lot of fun. Great pictures.

clare's craftroom said...

Chopper is just so cute ! Happy New Year !

Sandy in Buenos Aires said...

Ohhh, I just love Chopper,now I know I have to get that pattern, you made me love tiny bears, he's sooo cute !!!
Happy New Year my dear friend !!!
I wish you all the best !!!

Vesuviusmama said...

Very cute! Is there anything you CAN'T make!?!

Anonymous said...

Your bear is so cute, I love him !
many greetings from Hungary:Manka

Pat from FL and MI said...

What a sweet gift! I've never made animals quite that tiny. Great work!

Luna, Luzie and Olli said...

Chopper is soooo cute.
Happy new Year!

Greetings from Steffen to Anna (KidsMail Swap2009)