Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

This was a really fun Christmas! Jimmy will be 3 in January, so it is the first year he has really gotten into it - like asking him, who is coming tonite? *SANTA!*
He wasn't too sure what to think when he got up and saw all the presents! His first instinct was too start unwrapping - but it was a present for Daddy! HA!
He was a big help! Passing out presents to his brother and sisters!
Here is the aftermath - fairly cleaned up! :o) We got a *family gift* this year, a Wii! Jimmy's favorite present has to be his *Buzz Woody* table - you can use markers on it and it wipes clean! :o) *Yes, David is sitting in one of the chairs! :o)
Jim got me 5 roses... These are a *delayed* gift from our anniversary in August. Each anniversary, he has gotten me the number of roses for the number of years, so this year would be five. But August was not a good month, money wise, with Jim just being off work for 5 weeks, laid off... So I didn't get my flowers then, but he surprised me and had them delivered Christmas Eve... Aaawww! They smell SO good!
And all in all, here is what Jimmy thought of Christmas! I think Santa did good this year! :o)
Oh! And I almost forgot the best Christmas present! HA! We have been binky-free for 48 hours now! Jimmy has a *favorite* binky and won't take any others, but he is always just dropping it out of his mouth, and then we all have to go looking all over the house to see where he has left it! (Always a CHORE!) On Christmas Day, he couldn't find it, we ended up telling him, this is it, you just don't have one anymore. He cried a little at nap time, but by bed time, he didn't even care! So 48 hours binky free! Merry Christmas to me!!! (BTW, I did find it later, but hid it so he wouldn't find it. I think it is safe to throw it out now!)
Thanks for visiting! I have gotten a little sewing done over the last 10 days and will have some more pics tomorrow... :o)


Tricia Anne said...

Reading about Jimmy enjoying Christmas brought back so many of my own childhood memories. It is such a magical time.
Yea! Binky free! Boy oh boy that is a big step. I was afraid Nathan would want to start school with his.
He is 14 now and never looked back ... he he he.
What a beautiful gift from your husband. Very sweet!
I am so sorry to hear about your husband being laid off of work. Has he found work since then?
Your quilt on your wall is gorgeous! :o)
Happy New Year!
Your friend. Trish

Lisa said...

Hi Ang Happy New Year to you and it has been lovely getting to know you a little this year.. Blessings Lisa

Riet said...

I can see you all had a wonderful Christmas.Lovely pictures

Molly said...

Looks and sounds like a great Christmas at your house, plus Binky free !!! That is a milestone plus, isn't it? You take care and enjoy those little ones.

Béa said...

Look like a wonderful Christmas at your house. Absolutely love your quilt on the wall !
Happy new year !

kwiltmakr said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. How nice your hubby didn't forget the roses. How sweet! Jimmy with his binkie sounds like my youngest with hers. She would take hers out of her mouth and throw it we wouldn't know it and would scramble to find it. Oh those binkies.....

Laurie said...

Your husband is so thoughtful! The roses added a nice surprise to your Christmas! Congratulations on being "binky-free"!

Vesuviusmama said...

Surprise roses, binky-free and a Wii - sounds like a perfect Christmas all around!