Tuesday, October 27, 2009

gifts from friends

This week is not my favorite week, as we are coming up *too quickly* on the 2nd anniversary of my Dad's death. But I have some very dear friends out there in blogland. Their gifts have arrived over the last few days. They weren't gifts because they knew I would need cheering up, but isn't it amazing that it works out that way...

First, I received my gifts from my Stitchers Angel. I didn't get a card with it, but it came from A. Armstrong in England. (Yeah! I heard from Anne, my Stitchers Angel! Here is her blog: An Cala Quilts.) There is a long, double-handed oven glove. A needlecase, and a lovely heart with cute beadwork attached. And rose candles!

Here is the closeup of the needlecase (with a clever magnetic closure) and the lovely heart! Thank you so much A Armstrong! These gifts will be treasured always!

I also received some Christmas ornaments! I am participating in a Christmas ornament swap thru a quilting swap group, and received these BEAUTIFUL ornaments! Thank you again, Althea! These are beautiful and will be displayed proudly on our tree!

And last, but certainly not least, is Tricia from Notes of Sincerity. Tricia and I have been talking back and forth for awhile, about Dads, especially. I had been wanting to get her Psalms 23 bracelet that she offers on etsy, and as we were talking, we decided to work out a trade. I sent her an embroidered pillow, one of my totes bags and a little fabric basket as a bonus... In return, I received her BEAUTIFUL Psalms 23 bracelet. She included earrings for the girls, and they just love them! She made Elizabeth's in orange and white, and Anna's in pink and purple, their favorite colors.

She also sent me this lovely keychain - pink and roses, just my style! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Tricia! Your friendship has been a blessing to me!

You are probably wondering where the BEAUTIFUL Psalms 23 bracelet picture is? I will show it to you in a special post on Friday... :o)
Hugs to all my friends and friends-to-be out there! Thanks for visiting!


Sandy in Buenos Aires said...

Hi Angela!
I LOVE all of your gifties, you're a lucky girl !!! I especially love the ornies, your tree will be filled with friend's love this year !

Béa said...

All my thought for you dear Angela,kiss.

Shirleymac said...

I love the way things work out when the time is right. I'm looking forward to seeing the Psalm 23 bracelet. You could also use that keychain as a scissor fob. I have one on mine and it really helps when I'm searching for them. I love the needle case. Great idea having a magnetic clip.

Tricia Anne said...

Dearest Angela.
I am so glad that you love your bracelet and just look at your pretty girls!! What a darling picture of them with their earrings. :o)
I too will blog about our fun trade. I am so blessed by your beautiful work! :o)
Love your friend,
Tricia :o)
ps. I will pray for you this Friday. I know how much you must miss your dad. It is strange to me that life just keeps on going with out my dad to call on the telephone.