Saturday, October 3, 2009

Christmas centerpieces - finished

I finished up the Christmas centerpieces for my customer. (You can see when I first posted about them here.) I *LOVE* these! I had made extras, so that I had some to give away or sell, but my customer decided she wanted all of them that I had made so far! So she is taking all 14 Christmas ones, and then she had me make a red themed one and a purple themed one... :o)

The fabric in the center of this one is my favorite. This photo also shows the decorative hand-quilting that I added. I used a dark red quilting thread. THey finished to just over 20 inches across at the widest points.
Here they are, all stacked up... :o)
Now to make some more to give away and possibly sell... :o)
I will be back tomorrow to show another project that I am working on for the same customer... :o) (She is trying to get some Christmas things crossed off her list.) Thanks for visiting!


Becky said...

Those turned out as great as I thought they would. So very pretty!! Great job, Angela.

Hazel said...

Very pretty ,you did a wonderful job as always .

Shirleymac said...

Those turned out so pretty Angela. Can't wait to see what the other project is.

Béa said...

You did a beautiful work, congrats!

Laurie said...

Wow, you must feel such a sense of accomplishment! I'm looking forward to seeing what else you made!

Tricia Anne said...

Hi Angela,
Beautiful centerpieces! I want to learn to sew that design as well. :o) When I sew the Grandma's Flower Garden, my quilting mentor is having me do it all by hand. Oy! :o) She says I need to learn to do it that way first. :o)
Tricia Anne

Pat from FL and MI said...

Wow! You've been busy. Very nice!