Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Even tho they are calling for a couple of inches of snow here in Central Illinois tomorrow (we can't complain, we have only had one dusting of snow so far this winter!), there are Spring butterflies in my sewing room! :o)
I made these cute butterfly ornaments with vintage chenille and vintage quilt pieces, to sell on Etsy. They have a clothespin for the body. I love how they turned out! Hopefully it won't be too cold for them, now that it's supposed to snow! :o)


Hazel said...

There so cute , how do you come up with these ideas .Our weather has been the same as yours ,Friday we are looking at the same two inches with high winds ,good day to stay home where it is warm .

Terry said...

Oh Angela those butterflies are so cute:) And Love the pink sewing room goodies...and no I'm not surprised at all:) We are hearing that we may receive 3-4 inches of snow tomorrow, with windy conditions... Sewing time!!!
Hugs & Blessings

Pat from FL and MI said...

Sweet! I love butterflies!

Karen said...

Clothes pins for butterflies. What a unique idea.