Thursday, August 4, 2011

Row Swap and braces... :o)

I was lucky enough to participate (and hostess!) a Row Swap thru the Friendship Group that I'm part of! These are the BEAUTIFUL rows that I received back! The Log Cabin row in the center was the starter row that I made, and then 6 lovely ladies made 6 lovely rows for me! I can't wait to put this quilt together, although it'll have to wait a few weeks... Lots to do with school starting, etc...

If you're not a big fan of "teeth" than you might want to skip the next couple pics... David got braces! I'll tell you what, as a triplet, he REALLY got the short end of the stick when it comes to teeth! So he is one of those that is HAPPY to get braces! No having to fight him on that! Here are a couple before shots.

His favorite color is green, so here he is today, with his braces on, with green elastics! He still has more brackets to be added on the top, as time goes, and he will get them on the bottom too, in a few months... (Excuse the poison ivy on my Boy Scout! HA!)

And since I had the camera out, here are the triplets.... :o) I can't believe that they are 13 and starting 8th grade this year! Elizabeth (the basketball star!), David (my "adorkable" boy!) and Anna (the princess!) :o)
Jimmy will be going to preschool in a few weeks and is very excited about it, but wouldn't stop to pose for a pic with his brother and sisters today... :o(


~Niki~ said...

8th grade! sure goes by fast huh?
cute pics~love the braces~ my son has a year and a half more of them. he has a serious overbite~he was a true thumb sucker. poor kid.

Pat from FL and MI said...

wow, they look so much older than last I 'saw' them! Girls are so much more mature than boys at that age, aren't they?

Love all the rows too!

Hazel said...

Oh my how they have grown .Enjoy the next year it seems once they get in high school your asking yourself "who are these kids "3 teens at once ,boy you are a brave lady LOL School in the USA starts a lot sooner then ours do ,our kids don't go back till Sept.
Love the quilt ,the colors are wonderful ,do you get to keep it ?

Laurie said...

Nice braces! It's so great that he doesn't mind having them! I hope they enjoy 8th grade!

Diana Dickert said...

He absolutely glowed in that picture of him with the braces on! How long will he have it on? At least he's getting it now while he's young... it's a lot harder if he had it older. Love his shirt in the last pic, btw!

Aura Minaya said...

It’s two years ago and I guess you already have seen the changes in his teeth. I remembered my 8th grader having braces too, and he had a hard time feeling the pain. In the end, he loved how his teeth looked. How about David? I hope he loves the straighter teeth also. :)

+ Aura Minaya +

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