Wednesday, August 11, 2010

don't forget about the Happy Day give-away!

Don't forget to sign up for my Happy Day give-away, HERE. The drawing is tomorrow morning!

Got some fun mail this week -- not for me, but for my older son, David! Laurie's son, Ben, went to the 2010 National Scout Jamboree over the last few weeks, and Laurie got this patch for David, since he wasn't able to go. David thought it was SO cool! Thank you, Laurie, it was really, really nice of you to think of him! He is excited to show it to the other boys in our Troop at Monday's meeting!

I finished hand-quilting my July Schnibble, Joy Luck, and now have it hanging over my desk... :o) I really love the colors!

And here is my progress on the hexagons... These are the little 1/2" hexagons. Going to be a quilt center... :o)

Here's what I *really* want for my birthday -- I mean, come on, it even comes out ON my birthday! That must mean something, right?! Well, I know I won't be getting it, but a gal can dream... :o)

See you all tomorrow morning, when I announce the winner of my Happy Day drawing! :o)


Shirleymac said...

Isn't that nice of Ben to send that patch to David! It's a nice one. I love your schnibbles too. Now that my quilt is gone to the show I feel lost at night without it to quilt on. I don't even feel like embroidering. I think I'm hooked on hand quilting.

Blackberries are neat I guess but I can barely use a cell phone.

kwiltmakr said...

How nice for David to have such a good friend to send that neat patch. I love your now Schnibbles quilt too, nice colors. And yes, dream about your new phone, you just never know. I hope you do get it.

Béa said...

Your Schnibbles is wonderful, even more hand quilted, congrats !
I love your delightful hexies start.

Cornfield Quilter said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!! And many many more! Hope you have a wonderful day! I finally opened the box with your quilt in it, it is awesome, I really love it! I have a small Christmas quilt in the machine right now and then I will put yours in. It will be a joy to do. Also thank you for the birthday gift, it was so sweet of you to send it and I will use it often! Stay cool and have a wonderful day!!

Vesuviusmama said...

Both your schnibbles and your hexies are lovely!

Annette said...

Your Schnibble is so soft and pretty. And the little hexies are amazing...1/2 inch! Wow! Good work.

Laurie said...

You are so good at what you do! And I just feel awful about missing your birthday!! See what happens when I fall behind on my blog reading?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY a bit late -- I hope it was wonderful! Well, I'm about to read more of your posts so maybe I'll find out that it was!