Wednesday, August 12, 2009

today... :o)

I am not usually one to *advertise* that it is my birthday - fast approaching a milestone one, which I am NOT looking forward to....! But today is my birthday and I wanted to show off my gifts... :o)

First, I sat dear hubby down in front of the computer the other day and said *Order me this for my birthday!*... He doesn't do good with hints, and so the direct approach works best! So these vintage Christmas ornaments are from him and the kids. We ordered them from Laurie at her Etsy shop here, her blog is Indulge Your Shelf. Go visit her, she has alot of cute things!

Jim also had six carnations delivered to our house:

Shirley has been a GREAT online friend to me for about 10 years now, and if you have visited her blog (here) a few weeks ago, she had shown her Galileo Thermometer. I thought it was really neat and told her so. So guess what she got me?!? Yep, my own Galileo Thermometer! SO COOL! As you can see, it is over 80* here at my desk... :o) (That is a pic of the trio at their first birthday!)

This last picture isn't birthday related, just Jimmy being cute again. He has a little pillow that we have made a couple pillowcases for. He has a Pooh Bear one, a Diego one, and we just made him this Spongebob one... Obviously, he likes it! :o)

Thanks for visiting!


Piece by Piece said...

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday, happy birthday, Happy birthday to you, And many more Patricia

Karen said...

Vintage Christmas ornaments. I will be waiting to see a photo of your Christmas tree!

Shirleymac said...

Those ornaments look way nicer in your photo than on her Etsy page. I may need some too. Isn't Jim sweet sending you carnations. They last forever. I get all teary if I get flowers at the door, don't know why, it just seems extra special. Great card too. Glad you like the themometer.

Hazel said...

Happy Birthday Angela ,such wonderful gifts .I prefer carnations over roses , I just love the scent of them .I have to get myself one of those thermometers ,there so neat .

kwiltmakr said...

Happy Birthday Angela, wait till you get to be my age, you don't even do birthday! Hope yours was a good one!