Friday, November 9, 2012

tatting and a broken leg...

 Been working on tatting doilies lately... A nice, relaxing hobby, I've discovered! :o) These two doilies are both available in my Etsy shop. :o) They'd make great gifts, this Holiday season!
 Part of the reason I've needed some stress relief, is that Lizzie broke her leg! On the FIRST NIGHT of basketball practice! Tripped up with another girl, going after the ball. (Lizzie always gives 110%!) Broke her tibia, down by the ankle, thru her growth plate and into the joint! The "athletic trainer" at school told her it was just a sprain. Luckily, I didn't go off of her opinion...!
So, a cast for 6 weeks. Has already had xrays twice, to make sure nothing is shifting as it heals. If it shifts, she would need surgery! She is miserable in the cast, the poor dear! She is so independent and really hates to have to ask anyone to do anything for her! I told her, enjoy it while you can! :o)

I also went a few weeks ago and got my "Paraprofessional Certificate" so I can apply for Teacher's Aide jobs. Hopefully something will open up in our school district soon. AND, I'm going to start my first semester of college (online) this coming spring! Ah, nothing to be stressed about at all... Back to my tatting! :o)


Becky said...

Oh poor Lizzie! It's awful to have a leg injured where you have to have crutches! All of your limbs are occupied and you can't carry anything or tons of other stuff. Angela, make her an apron with big pockets so she can at least take some stuff along with her as she gets around. Ask me how I know.......hahahaha! Hope she is well on the way to recovery!

Pat from Florida said...

Love the tatting.

Poor Lizzie. It will heal in time. The infamous 'growth plate'. Yikes!

You will make a super college student. Life experience counts for so much intelligence. Common sense knowledge the young'ins don't have!

I would have loved to have someone as competent as you for an assistant when I was teaching.

I only see wonderful things in your future!

Barbara said...

Are you still blogging? I'm updating my blog roll list and see that the last post I have for you is a couple of years ago. Blessings, Barbara

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