Thursday, September 13, 2012


Finished up this customer quilt - I used the "Pow Wow" pattern, in just two colors, Kona Wine and Kona Willow, with Kona Sand for the background. I really love working with Kona solids!
My customer is giving this quilt to her future daughter-in-law's parents, as a wedding gift... :o) 
I like the way the hand-quilting turned out! :o) She's picking it up tonight, I hope she does too! :o)  
I wanted a little quick-easy project after that hand-quilting, so I made this little bunting... I've seen them all over the web, and have wanted one for awhile! Goes perfectly on the new quilt rack that Jim made me! :o) This hangs in my sewing room! :o)


Marianne said...

Is that an all pink Dear Jane I see? Only you, Angela! Love it!

Pat from Florida said...

What a striking quilt that is! Love Kona solids too. And hand quilted? Geesh! Hope you are getting paid a nice price and the owners will appreciate it.

Also LOVE your new backdrop for taking quilt pics. Looks like you are getting all moved in with things on the wall, etc. Way to go!

Hazel said...

Love the quilt, I just started collecting Kona Solids haven't had a chance to use any yet,need to decide on a pattern . Hope your all settled in and enjoying your new home .

Becky said...

I enjoy using Kona too. Your pink Dear Jane looks just perfect on your rack. Hope you are enjoying your new home!

Béa said...

Beautiful work in your new house.
I love the quilt rack , my brother is cabinetmaker, I will ask him for something similar :)