Sunday, September 23, 2012

Operation Red Kitchen...


Our kitchen is going to get some re-modeling in the future, but I wanted to show my RED display... :o) This is in the pass-through between the kitchen and our living room. (It's supposed to be the dining room, but we are using it as the living room.) I saw one of these old kitchen scales on Pinterest, and decided "I can do that".... So I searched Etsy and found a reasonable priced old kitchen scale, and painted my own flag on it. I LOVE the way it turned out!

So here's my little red area, so far... An enamelware pot, rolling pin with red handles, nut grinder, small sifter... A wooden star that Lizzie painted for me... My scale, and my "pie"... I made this ceramic piece of pie back in Jr High (I think) Art... I don't like pie, and I guess it's cherry cheesecake, but it goes perfectly with my red display... :o)

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Pat from Florida said...

Red! Gorious! You don't like pie?