Tuesday, June 26, 2012

One old window frame... :o)

A little project that will go in my sewing room at the new house... An old wooden window frame, minus the glass. Put chicken wire behind it and then add a little "frame" to the back to make the chicken wire be away from the wall a little bit. I have an assortment of mini clothespins, and this will be my "tack board" in my sewing room, for ideas, fabric scraps, kids drawings and notes, etc... :o) I love it! :o)

P.S. In this pic, it is sitting upside down, and the original hardware hasn't been put back on it yet... :o)


Pat from Florida said...

I love it! So fun! Can't wait to see it in your new sewing space.

Laurie said...

Sweet! I have one like this in my "office" but it's pink!