Tuesday, February 21, 2012

tube socks for Jimmy

I decided for Jimmy, that I would make "tube socks" rather than socks with a heel, so they're quicker to make, and easier for him to put on! :o) So I got out one of his socks and went to work... A couple attempts later, success! :o) The only thing I did NOT take into consideration, was I laid out his sock flat, well, that didn't account for the heel that was on the original sock, so the ribbing goes down way to far onto his ankles... But he LOVES them! That's all that matters! And now I know exactly how to make them for next time! :o)  
Not bad, for only starting to learn to make socks about a month ago... :o)


Hazel said...

Very good ,I just received the book on Friday I want to finish the quilt I'm working on then I'll try again .

Pat from Florida said...

This is sooo tempting! While browsing JoAnn's I did pick up one of those free flyers with patterns -- of course for knitting socks! Angela made me do it!!! That's my story and I'm sticking with it.