Thursday, March 17, 2011

a good day :o)

I finished the Feathered Star blocks this morning! All 6 are done! Yeah! Now to figure out how to finish off the quilt. The blocks finished to 20" square (including seam allowances) and I need to make them into a throw approx. 60 x 72. I know first that I am adding a 1" (finished) white border around each star block, so that the stars "float". After that, I'm not sure how I'm going to put them together. I may do another small border around each block of the main fabric from the center circles. And then a pieced border (probably HSTs). Sounds like alot more work! HA! I guess I'd better get busy... :o)
And Jimmy had a good day, too! He got his first bike! The sun came out this afternoon, and it got to 70* here in central Illinois, so we've been outside most of the afternoon... A good day... :o)


kwiltmakr said...

Awesome to both the blocks and Jimmy on his bike! No pop a wheelies there now Jimmy.

Vivian said...

All the feathered stars are impressive. Not sure which is my favorite. There's something special about each one.
Have fun, Jimmy! but be careful and watch where you're going.

Béa said...

Beautiful stars. For me ,6 blocks are not the best for a good layout...I think you could make a block where the 4 stars meet in center.
I will search for you an idea. Is the finished size 19.5 or 20 when sewn ?
Lucky boy !

notes of sincerity said...

Oh Angela. :o)
Your blockss are stunning!!
Absolutely beautiful!
And look at that happy little
guy on his new big boy bike!
So precious. :o)
Have a nice weekend.
love, Trish

Pat from FL and MI said...

Angela, the stars are just stunning!

Jimmy looks confident. However did you do it with three learning to ride at once???

Cornfield Quilter said...

Awesome quilt! The blocks look so hard, are they? You little guy is just adorable. It's one of those great pix to show his girlfriends when he is 16! LOL
Have a quilty weekend! You should have your snowman quilt tomorrow in the mail.

Laurie said...

The throw is going to look great! Jimmy is looking like such a big boy, with his big boy hair and his big boy bike!