Thursday, February 25, 2010

busy, busy... :o)

Our family has been passing around cold/flu symptoms, but I have still been busy, busy... :o) My mom asked me how I was doing yesterday, and I said "Oh, the cold/flu meds make it bearable" And she says "Moms never get a day off", and I said you are absolutely right! Since I finished Sharon's quilt on Sunday, I have stitched a total of 10 badges on 2 different Scout shirts, hemmed a pair of jeans, made 2 Dresden plate centerpieces, stitched 7 little 25" tabletoppers (using 4" squares/random pattern), stitched a large machine embroidery design that I have been anxious to try... Hhhhmmm... No wonder I am tired!

Anyways, I am happy that I am getting some things done that I had been putting off because of all that hand-quilting on Sharon's quilt. Here are my Contrary Wife blocks, for a Sarah's Sampler swap that I am participating in. I have to laugh because I chose Contrary Wife -- I bet my ex-husband would think that was me! says Contrary means: opposite in nature. But I prefer their fifth definition: stubbornly opposed or willful. I don't think being willful is a bad thing! :o)

Here are what the two Dresden Plate centerpieces looked like, that I made earlier this week. I love how all the florals play off each other - makes me hope for Spring! :o)

And here is the machine-embroidery design that I stitched out today. I am so thrilled with this design! It has 25 color changes, and a little more than 66,000 stitches! I have been without an embroidery machine for awhile, and am glad to be back up and running... This might be made into a pillow for a special friend... Too early for Christmas, but I don't think she would mind! :o)

Thanks so much for visiting! It is time to clean up my workspace and figure out what to work on next... :o) Hope you are having a good week!


call me crazy said...

LOL cute blocks!~ I often wonder how some blocks got the name they have. ;-) Love your Dresden plate! And the embroidery is just lovely~ it will make an adorable pillow. You have really been busy! Happy stitching!

Becky said...

The Dresden plate made me instantly think of spring! I just love the embroidery !! Hope you feel better soon.

Cornfield Quilter said...

Oh my, you make me tired just seeing all the wondereful things you have accomplished in such a short time!!
The Contrary wife blocks are my favorite since I am that kind of wife, and your embroidery is to die for! Angela, you never cease to amaze me, you are one talented lady!!

Piece by Piece said...

I am tired just reading all of the things you have done, way to go girl!!
Your Desden plate does look like Spring, we can only wish, I am sooo tired of Winter.
Love your embroidery,

kwiltmakr said...

My goodness Angela, first off I missed the quilt so I will have to go back and look at that. Second, wow, your a whiz. You have gotten a lot done. I guess I am getting slower as I don't seem to be able to accomplish that much. Nice job on all things.

Béa said...

I love your blue & brown blocks, I am also a Contrary wife :)

Stephanie said...

This is alot of quilting and sewing! WoW, no wonder you don't have time to start your Dear Jane. I love the dresden blocks....I would like a quilt like that! Steph