Friday, January 8, 2010


Here are the snow pictures from central Illinois, yesterday... :o) We ended up getting right about six inches of snow. Jim worked 24 hours straight, made it home safely, and is back at work tonight. (His regular shift.) I love the pile of snow on the mailbox in this pic... You can't really tell here, but the pile was leaning, from the wind... :o) Here is Jimmy, in the snow! This is our driveway! It is up to his knees! Notice that Anna has the ruler - we measured on the picnic table out front (see above picture) -- yep, 6 inches!
Here is Jimmy all bundled up before he went outside - it was a wonder he could even walk! Oh, he was so mad when he had to come in! I couldn't let him stay out too long, it was way too cold, with the wind blowing!
I can't believe my baby boy will be 3 years old next week!!! Anyways, thanks for visiting! I will be back tomorrow, with a pic of the finished Beachfront Cottage quilt top - I am adding the last border tonight! :o)


Hazel said...

Love the photos ,you have to wonder how these poor kids can enjoy the snow when all bundled up like that but they do .
I bet Jim was so tired when he got home ,we are so blessed to have hard working men .

kwiltmakr said...

Hey that looks like here. The north side of our driveway is filled in with snow drifts and it is bitter cold. Seeing Jimmy brings back memories. I loved it too when I was his age, not now though. Poor hubby working all that time. Hope he got some rest.

Béa said...

In France too, snow is back again and very cold.
I love the last pic :)

Shirleymac said...

I love the pic of Jimmy! He was probably plenty warm out there all bundled up like that but what else can they do but just stand there with all those clothes on *LOL* Jim must be so tired.

trish said...
Would you look at that snow!
Burr! :o)
But so fun to play in!
We are in the teens down here and not use to it.
It would be awesome if it would rain. Then we would have snow too.
Love, Trish

Shutterbugs said...

Jimmy is so cute! Beautiful snow pictures, Angela!

Laurie said...

Jimmy looks like the little boy in the movie A Christmas Story! The wnow was beautiful!

Sandy in Buenos Aires said...

Love your snow pics!! I bet Jimmy enjoyed the snow A LOT even though he was all bundled up!!!
I wish I had snow days like yours here !!!