Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Little Gems Quilt top and Thread Rack

I have been working on some projects for my PIF and for some swaps that I have joined, so I haven't had alot to show you all lately... But I did get this little quilt top finished today. It is called Little Gems, the free pattern is here, from twiddletails.com The fabrics are not my usual style, but I just couldnt resist this time. They just make me happy... :o)

And another thing that made me happy today... :o) Jim made me a 4-shelf thread rack! We have these for sale on our
Country Scrap Quilts site, with 2 swiveling shelves. But I have *alot* of thread (I do machine embroidery too) so I needed more than two shelves! (I actually have an ugly 100-spool rack, because I have so much thread, but it is now in my sewing closet, to hold most of my thread, with this new rack holding the colors I use the most...) This rack is really handy because you can tilt the shelves out and back, to get your thread out. If you need a new thread rack, maybe you can take a peek and see if you want Jim to make you one, too. He can make them in any size.... :o)

Thanks for visiting!


Béa said...

I love your quilt and happy colours too !very funny.

kwiltmakr said...

I like you quilt, the colors are so nice. Sort of reminds me of lemonaid. The spool rack is fantastic too.

CapLady Molly said...

I love the quilt and colors, they are very happy colors. Your thread rack is great, he is very talented.

Anne said...

Hi there, I really like the thread rack, I could well do with one of those over here in my sewing room.

I also like the cheery quilt, lovely colours and it would feel like being wrapped in a sunny garden.

Vesuviusmama said...

Great thread rack! I still haven't gotten around to buying one, but it's on the list.